Question of the Week: Do You Ever Get Tired of Eating at McDonald’s? (and other food questions)

This episode’s question of the week revolves around where and how we eat, because eating, people, is what we’re about.

Please note the commas there. We’re not about eating people. We’re about eating, people. We’re about other things, too, but food makes us happy, and happy is good.

Happy Ellie-Bear. Happy Jack-Bear.

Moving onward!

Question of the week: Do you ever get tired of eating at McDonald’s?

No, because we almost never eat there.

Oh, you’re Burger King people?


Pizza Hut? Panda Express? Chick-Fil-A?

No. No. And no.

Where do you eat then?

We cook in the trailer.

You cook in the trailer?!

We cook in the trailer.

We picnic quite a bit. Here we are at Fort Pulaski near Savannah, Georgia. The restaurants are expensive for two people, let alone nine, and can rarely accommodate Hannah’s needs, so we pack in our own healthy eats almost everywhere we go.

How do you cook in the trailer?

We have a small three-burner stove which we don’t generally use. We also have a tiny little oven which we rarely use. We have a microwave which we (as in Steve) use to reheat forgotten coffee. But if we had to, we could use those three things.

What we use is an infrared induction cooker similar to these. Ours is the as-seen-on-TV version available in Walmart, and we love it! Love it! It heats quickly and we can use a pot or skillet on it to cook just about anything.

We also have two rice-cooker/crockpot/steamer combo units that we use quite a bit. And we have an indoor grill and a griddle under the bed, which make their appearance from time to time.

Sometimes churches have kitchens which they open up to us, and if we’re at Grandma’s house, we use her kitchen.

This is our Precision Induction Cooktop. We love it! When I say we love it, I mean that if we were small kitchen appliances and appliances got married, this would totally be Mr. Right. Steve, of course, would marry a coffee maker…or be a coffee make and marry a doughnut machine.

It sounds challenging. Is it?

It can be, but it’s nothing to complain about. The biggest challenge is that we cannot run more than one appliance at a time when we’re in church parking lots, because the power set-up usually can’t handle it. Also, we can’t run the electric heater or the air conditioner and cook at the same time. If we make coffee or scramble an egg and forget to turn off the heater, POW! Circuit blown.

Finally, we can’t cook much in the heat of summer because it gets really hot in the trailer–remember, air goes off to cook, and cooking heats up a trailer very quickly in the summer. Because we have a child with very specific dietary needs, we can’t just toss her a salad, sandwich, or bowl of cereal, so from-scratch cooking must be done, come heat or high water.

You really cook in the trailer!

We cook in the trailer.

Our microwave, three (tiny) burner gas stove and (tiny) gas oven. Also, here are our workhorses, the induction cooktop waiting to heat up veggies for breakfast, and the two crocks/ricers/steamers, one cooking a chicken, the other beef stock. Finally, a bowl of stock is cooling on the counter for chicken soup. Because we’re at an RV park and it’s cold outside, they can all work at the same time.

Don’t you ever eat out?

We eat out on very rare occasion, usually with the intent of experiencing something local. For example, we had empanadas in Florida and tacos from a food trailer in Texas.

Every once in a while someone treats us to a meal or treat somewhere. We always ask them if they’ve counted us first and give them a chance to retract their invitation guilt-free. Ha ha!

We try hard to be good stewards with the mission funds, and can’t often justify the cost of eating out. Plus, it is very difficult to find a restaurant than can accommodate Hannah’s dietary needs (more on that next week).

The Flying Pig–a doughnut from Gordough’s food trailer in Austin, Texas. The family split the donut. It’s one way to sample the local flavors without breaking the budget.

So…you really cook in the trailer?


Next week’s question: Can we feed you?

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And yes, we really cook in the trailer.


  1. Oh that donut looks Devine..and fattening.. And gooey
    But oh so good!
    Question : how many times do you get asked
    Silly questions about silly questions 🙂

    they had an earthquake in my hometown
    Of Los Angeles today rattled there cages bad..:/

    Going to bed eye appt in the morning
    Err no it won’t help me spell BUT if you talk to my
    Dum smart iPhone …

    Safe travels hugs to all

  2. Uggg I forgot to say “who doesn’t like bacon”?
    No that’s not a question 😀

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