Question of the Week: Where Do You Live-Live? (and other housing questions)

Because people have quite a few questions bouncing around in their noggins about us, our music mission, and our lives, we have decided to tackle them little by little–the questions, not the people. Welcome to our first Question(s) of the Week post.

Remember, these are real questions by real people, so if you think any of the questions are just plain craaaaazy, don’t blame us. Ha!

Question of the Week: Where do you live-live?

We live-live in our 33-foot 2010 Keystone Passport travel trailer, which we tow behind our van.

Our rig and van parked in a Florida church for the night of a concert.

Yes, but where’s your house-house?

We do not have a house-house. We exchanged our big beautiful Steve-made house-house for a music mission and life on the open road at the end of our first year as full-time music missionaries. We didn’t feel we could give our best to the mission with our hearts and finances tied to a house. What you see is what you get.

The house that Steve built on an acre surrounded by mountains in Pahrump, Nevada.

Tell the truth. You don’t all fit in the trailer, do you? Some of the kids sleep in the van, don’t they?

Tempting as it is to send the loudest snorers out to the van, no, everybody fits in the trailer and we are all locked in safe and sound. 

Where does everyone sleep?

There are four single bunks in the back of the trailer for the four older girls. The table drops down into a bed for a fifth child, and the sofa jackknifes into a bed for a sixth child. The littlest Travel Bag has a bed made from modular drawers with padding on top, and she gets to sleep right next to her mama. There’s a master bed in the front for Steve and Christy and whoever shows up in the middle of the night. The dog gets the floor…almost the entire floor with how big he is. The Passport sleeps ten, and we are only nine, eight if you don’t count the baby sleeping on the modulars.

Keystone Passport 290BH Floorplan
Click on the floorplan for a larger image.

Where do you park your rig?

If we are singing in a safe neighborhood, we park in the church’s parking lot. Occasionally we are invited to park at a church member’s house, or even stay in their homes, which we do on occasion. About once a week we head to an RV park for laundry, tank emptying, and showers that last longer than 45 seconds. If we have an extended break, we try to find an affordable state or county park, beach, or campsite in the country or the mountains to breathe deeply and soak up Creation. We don’t sleep in Walmart parking lots or rest stops, because there are too many unknowns. Safety is our first concern.

A rural church campus where we parked for a few nights.

Do you ever stay with people?

Yes, we always book some time to stay with Christy’s mom in Wisconsin and Steve’s mom in California, and occasionally pop in on cousins or siblings around the country. Both moms have extra bedrooms, so the family members can stay in the house if they want. On rare occasion we are invited to stay in someone’s home, or park in their yard and use their walk-out basement, or some similar set-up.

How do family members like having nine extra bodies in their homes?

You’ll have to ask them! We pretend they love it. 🙂 Honestly, we know it’s an adjustment, but we try to be as helpful as possible when we’re there. Plus it gives people a good chance to get to know the kids if they want, and that’s priceless.

Spending a night with cousins in Wisconsin.

Next week’s question of the week: Don’t you get tired of eating at McDonald’s?

If you would like to submit a question, please do so in the comments below or send us an email at TheTravelBags at gmail dot com. No question is too ridiculous! We’ve heard it all!


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  1. grandma mary

    Hey!! where did you find that little blonde princess in the middle????
    I bet she lives in a big house in a woods!!!! LOL!!!!!!
    I could not resist that one!!!!!! Hugs, Grandma Mary

    1. We found that little fairy princess on a leaf in the woods, loving on woodland creatures and watering the flowers with drops of dew. 🙂

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