We started this leg of the tour off in Appleton where Steve sang for church, but also where he sang for the school children.


Camping in the parking lot of a school for a few days definitely is a twist on the usual camping arrangement. The main reason is summed up in one word:


Here are some of the new friends and acquaintances we made at recess and after school.

Part of the Jedi fan club.IMG_8204

Elijah’s out there somewhere. He’s tie-dye boy.


Marissa answering all the questions about Jedi, the traveling dog.


Rebecca and some new friends.



Eliana and Emily and some new friends who don’t mind that Ellie’s skirt keeps falling off. The sign of a true friend. Grin.


Emily and a new friend.


And Marissa and Elisabeth made this friend.


We met terrific people all over the country, but it was fun for the kids to be a part of recess at this school. Good times. Now they think we should have recess every day!

Kids, your life is recess! Wink.

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