Road Food: How a Family of Ten Eats on Driving Days

We get asked this question a lot in various forms. Here are a few of its creative variations:

Do you keep McDonald’s in business?

Don’t you get sick of fast food?

Hey, we have Culvers in the Midwest–you can take a McDonald’s break!

Ha! Funny people! The truth is, we rarely visit fast food. We rarely visit restaurants. We rarely raid the Kwik Trip dollar section. What we mostly do is this:

It isn’t the most exciting video, I know, but sometimes we just want to answer your questions. We love getting questions from viewers, readers, or people we meet in the real world, so keep asking!

In case you’re curious, our kids will tell you their favorite road food is when Mommy has her act together and we have something prepped in the crock pot, like taquitos in the van or stew at a rest stop. On those days, life is good and so is lunch!

We’re also huge fans of Thrive Life foods, which you can learn all about right here.

Enjoy the video, and please remember to subscribe to our channel and thumbs up the video if you liked it. The more interaction we get on YouTube, the more YouTube shares our videos, and the more it supports our music mission. I know–weird, eh?! But it’s true. Until next time, safe travels and be blessed!



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