Zuni Village in Kingman, Arizona {RV Park Review}

Sunny Kingman, Arizona, is just across the border from Nevada and the Hoover Dam. If you visit and need a place to stay, look for Zuni Village RV Park. When you’re in town on the main drag, you’ll see two RV parks. If you see the other park that is not Zuni Village, just keep on driving. I’m telling you, people, keep…on…driving!

We’re not the type to talk down a place or to pack up and move out, and we are definitely not divas, but we did not feel safe at the first park. Let’s not even talk about showering there. We stayed one night and hightailed it the 35 seconds down the road to Zuni Village.

Let me summarize: if it’s between the two, head to Zuni Village—comprende? Bueno.

Zuni Village is a standard RV park. There’s nothing fancy, and it certainly doesn’t offer the greenery we love to find at state parks, but it’s a safe, solid park. The spaces are not super duper close together, like some places, and you will be able to comfortably park your tow vehicle. Each space has a picnic table and many have small shade trees—and their pollen. Achoo!

The park offers propane, a dump station, very clean showers and bathrooms, and one of the nicest laundry facilities we’ve experienced in far too long.

You will find as you travel through Arizona that many RV parks, especially those around Phoenix, are age-restricted. This one readily accepted our children. As far as amenities for the kids—they readily admitted they’re not set up for kids. We readily admitted that we didn’t care.

They do have a horseshoe pit and a small, clean swimming pool—both require parental supervision…duh. We didn’t tell our kids about those. Wink wink. (To be fair to us boring parents, the first time we were there we had a couple sick kids, and the second time we were only there for the showers and dump station.) The park also has cable…whatever that is.

If you know the desert, you know it’s hot and dry. This place is no exception. You’re set up in a parking lot on gravel pads and the dust slowly creeps into your pores and sucks the moisture out of you like Imhotep in The Mummy. If you don’t have an air conditioner, fly north…or go swimming. And if your kids think dirt is amazing, like ours do, you can’t fight it. Become one with the dirt.

Which brings me to the shower facilities.

First, you need a code to get in, which means that you won’t have random dirty people showering or using the toilets. Only paying dirty people allowed, I guess. If you don’t know your Roman numerals, good luck opening the door—you’ll just have to stay dirty.

Second, the showers are the push-button kind. The water stays on for ten seconds (we timed it, because that’s what we do) before you have to press the button again. If you don’t want to grope around for the button with soap running into your eyes, you can tag-team the showers, thanks to a strategically placed curtain inside each shower room.

Third, the showers also have a bench (to deposit your dirty clothes or clean toddler) and hooks.

Fourth, they did not run out of hot water, even with all ten of us showering back to back or at the same time…in different showers. There are three showers for each gender.

Finally, the handicap unit is nice, large, accessible, and clean, with a toilet inside the main shower stall. All the showers are very clean.

The price at the time of this review was $34 for full hook-ups for one night—they didn’t ask about extra people, and we didn’t ask about their longterm stay rates.

Also, they are set up for snowbird or long-term residents. You can even have your own mailbox—we get pretty excited about mail around here, since we only get mail about once a month or so.

Our overall Travel Bags rating for Zuni Village RV Park is a B. It’s clean, allows kids, has shade, and is fairly roomy for a typical RV Park.

When you leave, get your kicks on Route 66.

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