You’ve seen this image waaaaaayyyyy too often on The Travel Bags, haven’t you?


Yes, another issue befell us on the east coast. This time a severely sloped driveway into a church bent our jack 90 degrees, rendering it useless. The base facing Steve is supposed to be facing the ground.



Good jack, bad jack.


Let’s look at this from another angle.


Off with the old…


and on with the new.


While Steve did the work, the rest of us toured RVs that are totally not  set up for a family of nine and totally not fit for the budget of a traveling music missionary family and totally not towable by the Bagabus and totally not in our future. Seriously, people! They’re like the Taj Majal, only without the corpse. (You do know the Taj Majal was a tomb, don’t you?)


It’s fun to see how the other people live who say, “We live just like you do!” Um…no, no you don’t. Wink.

In all seriousness, as we travel the country we have seen (and been blessed by) some highly affluent lifestyles and people, and we have also been humbled by witnessing circumstances and living situations that make us realize how truly blessed we are to have our needs met on a daily basis. Truly blessed.


  1. Hi Traveling Bags 😀

    🙁 about the jack but great about the numerous blessing we had a great miracle happen to I’m really close to the band members of Mustard seed faith a Christian band back in the 70s .
    The flute player Pedro Buford last Wednesday was on his death bed to meet The Lord even family
    Came for final goodbyes all of us warriors prayed and prayed and he is now a walking talking miracle!
    Lots of witnessing and telling non believers of this miracle.
    So excited about everything, we finally closed escrow and we are moving little by little at our pace still a lot of painting and
    Work to do on the home.
    When are you all coming this way?
    Pas always safe travels.

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