Our September Churches and Mission Venues

Apart from our second service at Cross of Christ in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, the church with the world’s greatest piano, all our September events took place in Cheese Country, USA, aka Wisconsin.

This seems like a good time to put this challenge out there: if there are cheese curds anywhere in the country that can outshine and out-squeak fresh curds from Renard’s Cheese in Brussels, Wisconsin, we are more than happy to let you try to prove it to us. Bring it on.

Since when did this become about cheese? On to the venues!

Here are September’s concerts and worship venues:

St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Port Washington, Wisconsin, (September 10-11) was a lovely place. The people were friendly, the pastor’s family was welcoming, and the kids made a new friend. Plus there was a “green” right outside our trailer door which made for some stellar ghost in the graveyard games…not that we believe in ghosts…or graveyards. Wait, what? Never mind.

Our only regret is that we didn’t explore the town more, since it is a beautiful place–some of us have been there before. That often happens when we’re enjoying a church–we don’t get out and about, but that’s just fine, too.

Do you know that some people get on our case for never going anywhere? Just thought I’d throw that little tidbit out there and see what you think. Never going anywhere…

Oh, and our other regret is that I didn’t get a picture of the church. Oops. Anybody want to send us one?

But hey, we did get this picture of the outside of the girls’ bathroom:

And here’s Ellie’s hair so she could see what she looked like from behind…always important:

And here’s Bean, chilin’. More like freezing, really:

And here is Elijah teaching the Sunday School “Jesus Loves Me” in sign language. I love it when they make the kids feel included!

And then there’s this shot of the kids’ new friend Damien giving them worms to taste:

Tastes like chicken.

St. John in Montello, Wisconsin, (September 17) was very unique in that they owners of a local campground invited us to stay there.

It was not your typical campground. It was like ann amusement park.

We were blown away by the hustle and bustle in that place, and then when Sunday rolled around, crickets–everyone went…well, home I guess. Except us. We went to a local park for an outdoor service.

 After the service and church picnic, we headed to the church itself to see some artwork that my artist mom created for that church.

It was quite a weekend!

Immanuel in Black Creek, Wisconsin (September 21, 24)

We commuted to Immanuel from some relatives’ home. The Thursday night service was in their little chapel.

Sunday’s service was held in the sanctuary.

And here’s a little peak into the Sunday school room before the door closed. We have two little peanuts in this class. Oh, I’m sorry–not peanuts. We have “a tiny big girl who is five and a half” and “Kid Lone Ranger” in this class. No peanuts.

Did I mention this open floor area perfect for swing dancing? Perfect!

The girls want us to build a house so they can have an open floor for swing dancing. We love our girls! And our boys, too!

That was it for September. We spent our off-time hanging out with Hannah, who hasn’t been traveling with us as much lately, lightening up the trailer, and replacing one of the trailer axels. We also built some fences for family, schooled, colleged (is that a word?), worked, threw away about 75 pounds of lonely socks, and visited family members. Next month it’s off to Michigan for an intense 20 events in 29 days.

As usual, if you have any photos to add, please send them our way.

Thank you again to all the churches and individuals who supported us over the last month. If you wish to support us at no cost to you, check this out.

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