Simple Living in a Trailer with Kids {An Interview}

I’ve been “preaching” simple living for well over a decade and pursuing it since my third child was born in 2000. It prepared me (although not perfectly) for the life we now live–eleven people, two pets, 250 square feet, on the road full time. That demands simplicity.

People are often asking how we do it–keeping the stuff down to a minimum, focusing on family instead of all the trimmings, living with less space and clothes and junque. Many of you even ask for guidance as you pursue a similar simplifying lifestyle.

On those lines, I’m happy to give you a peek into my life and my head. Elsie from Richly Rooted interviewed me over a year ago on this very topic, and I’d love to share it with our friends and readers.

Click through this link here to read about how we decided what to purge versus what to store and what to bring along. Learn how our kids manage purging and limiting their possessions.

Read about our “life downsizing” as we lost health, home, business, and worldly security all at once. Read about how our travels and the world we live in have changed our family and our mindset.

There are even a few been-there-done-that tips for others wanting to downsize as well…along with a warning.

Enjoy the article! A special thank you to the very sweet and lovely Elsie for sharing her blog space with me. Please leave her a comment to let her know you stopped by.

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