South Dakota–All of It in One Post

We’re not sure what happened to our South Dakota pictures. They all disappeared. We do have a few from the phone, however, so we’ll pop those up here in one South Dakota post.

We visited Mount Rushmore for a very educational tour. That’s the only pic you get, though. Sorry.


The kids made some new friends at the church where Steve sang and where we enjoyed a pre-Thanksgiving dinner.

Elijah doesn’t look too happy about playing “house” yet again, but he was a good sport, as usual.


Steve and Pastor compared apps.


“There’s an app for that.”


We were snowed in for an extra day, so the pastor had us over for dinner that night. I don’t have the pictures, but here is yet another pic of Pastor and Stephen comparing apps.


A playroom full of girls.


Shells make good fingers.


We headed to the local waterfall which was almost entirely frozen. They had such an early and heavy snow that trees everywhere were bent at horrific angles, many broken. It was incredible. You’ll have to imagine it because, yes, the pictures are missing.



And finally, our traditional trip to Wall Drug for buffalo burgers. This is a buffalo non-burger.


Old friends.


And that’s South Dakota. It was snowy and cold, but the church was friendly and warm. Now we have to hurry to Wisconsin before we get snowed in somewhere else!

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