Super Spy, Chicken Farmers, and Ukrainian Stew

The Travel Bags

The Dirings in California had everything The Travel Bags could have asked for…except, maybe, a pony.

Pastor Diring is a former-spy-turned-minister. (How awesome is that for a young super-spy-enthralled, God-loving six-year-old boy!) His wife Oksana is from the Ukraine and is one of the best cooks we’ve encountered. (How awesome is that for anyone!) And their yard is a mini world of adventure full of cats and chickens. (How awesome is that for our stir-crazy dog!)

Need I mention what a fabulous time we had in their company? Plus they fulfilled two of our family’s basic travling needs: education and eating…and cats, if you ask the girls their opinion.

The Travel Bags
Making Friends


As homeschoolers, we are always looking for the next life lesson, and Pastor and Oksana were quite willing to serve as tutors for the day.  On the agenda: chicken farming!

The Travel Bags learned detailed aspects of raising chickens, fed them their evening meal, went egg hunting, and had a divine breakfast from fresh eggs.

The Travel Bags
Chicken Classes
The Travel Bags
Meeting the Younglings
The Travel Bags
Feeding Chickens with Pastor

Good Eats

There was no standing on ceremony with Oksana’s cooking. Her dinner and breakfast were so fantastic, that I believe some of us may have proven a bit piggish. (I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced long-term dietary restrictions, but when you’ve been on them, and someone feeds you allowable foods, and that someone is not you yourself cooking for you yourself, and that someone is an incredible cook…well, let’s just say that a rather hungry nursing mother just may take a huge heaping plate of seconds and then polish off the three-year-old’s plate…and the six-year-old’s, and come back the next morning to perform a similar feat at breakfast.)

The Travel Bags
Oksana’s Fantastic Dinner
The Travel Bags
Our Beautiful Hostess, Baby Eliana, and Kermit

Oksana and Pastor Diring, we are still talking about our weekend with you! Thank you! (Send recipes!) 

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