Good Friday is one of our favorite church services of the year. This year we were at Beautiful Savior in Charleston, South Carolina.


The weather was rainy, but the service was beautiful! All The Travel Bags enjoyed the experience.


The final words of Christ were read from Scripture throughout the service, and a candle on a crown of thorns was extinguished with each reading, the lights dimming throughout the service.

That picture disappeared. Sorry.

The music was incredible! Steve sang some of his original songs, one particularly moving piece that was written specifically for this service at this church. He also played several old hymns he had spent hours arranging for this day by the pastor’s request. He was accompanied by the very talented vicar on his violin. The combination was amazing!  I wonder if we can get Vicar to come on tour with us. The congregation must have appreciated the music also, because they really sang their hearts out.


It was beautiful—an excellent way to ponder the depth of where we were, what was done for us, and where we are today. Thanks be to God.

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