Thanksgiving in Wisconsin

We arrived in Wisconsin just in time for Christy to finish writing her first ebook, and for our family to cook up an enormous Thanksgiving feast for extended family who gathered at Christy’s mom’s farm.

It was a challenge cooking a feast in someone else’s kitchen, especially since we were spoiled with double ovens for our previous Thanksgivings. We borrowed dishes from Great Grandma, we loaded up the oven, and in the end, we pulled it off. Steve even drove to the grandparent’s farm across the fields to cook the turkey in their oven. All The Travel Bags chipped in, and a few others brought dishes as well, including the pies.

Just a side note, some of us think we could live the rest of our lives just on Marissa’s stuffing and scalloped corn. Superb! Of course, a diet of exclusively stuffing and scalloped corn might take a few years off, so there’s some give and take.

This little growing-up-too-fast five-year-old made the maple whipped cream.


Because of her Crohn’s Disease and her flare-up in Seattle, Hannah is on a special diet. Apart from the turkey, she couldn’t eat the Thanksgiving dinner. Therefore, she made everything for her Thanksgiving dinner herself.

Hannah made a breadless stuffing which was amazing! She also made cauliflower mashers, crustless pumpkin pie, baked squash, green bean casserole, and…I can’t remember the rest, but she did a great job and had a wonderful attitude.


Add a dog, one child, and three adults, and you have the overnighters at Grandma’s house. The rest of the eaters went home. Definitely a full house!


And definitely a lot to be thankful to God for, including nearing two years as fulltime music missionaries. It’s an amazing God we serve, wouldn’t you agree?

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