The Books-of-the-Bible at a Glance {Valuable Review}

It’s a little discouraging to listen to most kids or even adults talk about the Bible. Even if they’ve gone through the entire Sunday school program at a church (and at some Christian schools), they still come out knowing a few handfuls of Biblical accounts. They’re missing a lot of the meat.

A handy little tool we were just introduced to will help round out your students’ or your Bible knowledge. It’s from Teach Sunday School and is called Books of the Bible At-a-Glance.

I know I initially thought this was a unique way for my younger set to memorize the books of the Bible–a useful skill. I was wrong, however! BOB At-a-Glance contains a printable summary sheet of each book of the Bible. It arrives in PDF format and you use it, well, to be honest, you use it however you want.

Books of the Bible at a Glance

Here’s what each sheet contains:

  • The name of the book (duh), but it’s clearly posted at the top for a quick search, which will come in handy if you use my Bible notebook idea.
  • Which book of the Bible it is.
  • The author as best we know.
  • The time period it was written as best we know.
  • The timeline period it covers.
  • A visual of where it is in the books of the Bible timeline.
  • The books “claim to fame” or main theme.
  • Its famous stories in the Old Testament, and the problems or issues the book covers in the New Testament epistles.
  • Its famous verse. (You might want to add your own here, since everyone leans toward different verses.)
  • Important points from the book. (Again, something else might stand out to you. Just write it in!)

If everything is working as intended, you should have an image from Joshua below:

Books of the Bible at a Glance

Now you all know me by now. I’m the kind of homeschool parent that hands a child a resource and says, “Here. Read this over and stick it in your Bible. Oh, and add the book to your timeline and memorize those verses.” That’s fine. Nothing wrong with that. A resource is still completely valid and valuable if the child is asked to take initiative instead of being hand-held. That’s our style.

But it might not be yours, so let me talk about some of the numerous many ways there are to use this resource.

    • Study the books together with only the Book-By-Book Bible Printables and a Bible. Over the course of a year or two or three, your child will have a solid understanding of the timeline of Biblical events and also many accounts they weren’t currently familiar with.
    • Study using only the sheets to get a good handle on the Biblical framework. (Of course you wouldn’t neglect your regular Bible studies!) 
    • Only print up the chapter for what you are studying as a family. Review daily until your children can tell you the details of that book. Add it to your timeline books if you have them (or start a wall timeline), and memorize the verses.
    • Hand out the sheets to your children based on where their personal Bible reading is. Ask for recitations of the memory verses.
    • Give each child a sheet to study and ask for a report or “lesson” taught on that book.
    • Make worksheets or quizzes from the sheets. (We don’t quiz, but it doesn’t make it wrong! Ha!)
    • Frame or fridge-post the book your family is currently studying or reading. I’m always amazed at the learning that takes place through frequent casual encounters with material.
    • Create Bible notebooks. As your children study the Bible over the years, they can create a Bible notebook with the BOB At-a-Glance as the first page of each section. Behind each BOB, the students place all their Sunday school or Bible study papers, memory verses, copy work, and doctrinal determinations. (What?!) Yes, they can write the statements of Scripture from that book that formulate their beliefs. Why not get their beliefs straight from Scripture instead of from someone else–it’s a good life practice.

Books of the Bible at a Glance

This is just a sampling of ideas. There are also ideas included in the introduction to the packet. You will find more ideas in the reviews of other Homeschool Review Crew members.

I wish I had thought of this product. Of course, if I had thought of it, I wouldn’t have done anything with it and you would never have heard of it. Yup, I have lots of brilliant ideas that will never see the light of day.

Personally, I feel this is a very valuable tool to help your children and you get a better grasp on the most important book ever written. It will give small stories context and placement within the larger work. And all for the current price of $9.


Books of the Bible At-a-Glance { Teach Sunday School Reviews}

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