The Donner Pass Experience

Any student of America’s history knows the legendary Donner Party’s experience in the Donner Pass through the Sierra Nevadas. We had our own experience going over the pass from California back into beautiful and rugged Nevada. While our adventure pales in comparison to the Donner Party tragedy, it is nevertheless worthy of inclusion in the annals of The Travel Bags.


When we reached the summit of the pass, we saw—wait for it—snow! Hey, we live in the desert. Snow is a big deal for us! Naturally, we had to stop.

2012-05-06_17-15-29_393 2012-05-06_17-15-32_980

After all, it was Eliana’s first snow!


Christy and Marissa were totally dressed for the occasion, because we are prepared for anything!


After our off-sidewalk snow play, we had a look around and discovered this:



And then we discovered this:


Double oops.


What a Donner Pass downer! Does anyone have any duct tape?


Fortunately, the leader of The Travel Bags can fix anything…well, he couldn’t actually fix the tire, but he did change it and he did repair the damage to the undercarriage.

Just another little speed bump in the adventures of The Travel Bags.

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