The Flat

We didn’t have much luck with weather in Florida. At one RV park we were assigned a site on the grass instead of the concrete slabs most parks have. That night it downpoured. You’ve heard of a three-dog night. Well this was a three-leak night. Due to the odd angle and force of the rain, the trailer leaked in three places.

That wasn’t the worst of it. Check it out. The campground suffered minor flooding in several areas, ours being one of them.


The picture doesn’t really show the flooding very well, but usually those orange things are above the ground and rise up about six or seven inches with the tires resting on top of them, not under the ground.


The trailer was also strangely slanted, which we thought (hoped) was because of the rain and the soggy ground, but alas, we were wrong.


Steve had to crawl under the trailer in the floody flood to fix this flat. The photographer wasn’t as committed to the process as Steve was, so this is all you get.


Of course, as we all know, Steve can fix anything (which, I might add, is a high standard to achieve, and a criteria my girls have for their future husbands—start practicing guys!). He changed the tire and we heaved the trailer out of the muck and headed on down the road.


It took a week for his shoes to dry, and we’re still hunting for a new tire. Still, better a flat in an RV park than, say, a shredded tire in Donner Pass!

Ah, the glamorous life of a traveling musician!

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