Tombstone, Arizona and the Big Blizzard

The Travel Bags spent a cold couple of nights in Tombstone, Arizona. Yes, that Tombstone. The one with this street made famous by the Earp brothers.


It was so cold while we were there, that there was a huge blizzard warning. (Yes, Arizona!) I think our favorite part of the experience was listening to the people from Alaska complain about the weather in Arizona. Chuckle.

Here’s the family trying to not look cold. Epic fail, Marissa.


Anyone not in this picture was yelling, “Come ON! We’re COLD! Let’s GO!”


And Marissa’s saying, “I knew I should have worn my jeans.”

Boothill was even colder. We raced through the graveyard to get out of Dodge, er, Tombstone, just as the blizzard started. Plus we wanted to make sure we weren’t there long enough for our kids to break any of these rules:


A little graveyard humor:


Recognize these names from the OK Corral?


It was a different world in our wild west in the 1880s.


Questions from your kids you never expect to have to answer: “What’s the difference between being lynched and being hanged?” and “Why is it hanged and not hung?”


Interesting place to visit, but we wouldn’t want to “live” there.


Well, now, that was morbid.

Annnnnd…we’re outta here, running fast in front of a blizzard that nipped at our heels all the way out of the state.


  1. Ruth Dowling

    Thanks for the blog post. Love seeing what you guys are up to on the road. A dose of good Christian fun is a beautiful start to my day. Keep on Bussin! (ya know… truckin…. the bagabus way…)


  2. I once had to deliver in my trucking days bud beer in tombstone
    The wind was blowing was a warm night so cracked the windows
    I stayed up pretty much the whole night with an eery feeling .
    Not a place i want to spend the night…
    You guys are troopers!
    Thanks for the share..:-)

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