Trading in a Home for a Music Mission – What It Looks Like

Many people have been asking about our past week, what it’s like packing up a family, a house, a business, a mission, and a school, and hitting the road indefinitely. Here are a few glimpses in pictures:

This is the house we carefully designed and lovingly built and where we lived for the past seven and a half years as The Relatively-Stationary Bags:

This is The Bag-Caboose which we bought at an auction and fixed up and lived in occasionally over the past few years, and most of last year as The Travel Bags:

This is The Travel Bag Canine, anxious to get back on the road and sniff some new cats:

The Travel Bags Dog

As you can imagine, downsizing that dramatically required a huge purge. We had to make some tough decisions (and a quite a few easy ones) about what stayed and what “goed.” Unfortunately, Steve’s favorite shirt was just too threadbare to make the cut. There were mixed emotions:

We had an enormous five-day garage sale and also donated truckloads of goods to local families and charities. If we had more time, we would go through our things again and donate even more. In case you were wondering, this is what garage sale employees do when nobody is looking:

Meanwhile, we packed the remaining items in boxes.

Boxes are the best!

Eventually, the inevitable came. We had to say goodbye to our beloved piano, one of the few worldly possessions we really care about. It was the first big piece to be moved, and the first to be damaged. That was just about the time we decided to stop caring about any worldly possessions at all anymore. This right here is also right about the time we began to suspect that our friends live far away on purpose:

We put our piano and furniture and a loud little boy in storage for who-knows-how-long. Okay, so we brought the boy with us.


One last performance, Hannah on keys, Rebecca on toe:

Exiting the stage:

Annnnd workin’ hard:

The house grew pretty empty. Still, Rebecca managed to pull together one last tea party for her little friends before they headed to their new home…in a box:

Beds were removed and everyone slept on mattresses:

They loved it!

Finally, the mattresses left also. This was the last remaining bed in the house, which The Travel Bags Canine kindly shared with The Travel Baga-Baby:

One last night, sleeping soundly only inches away from the four-inch centipede waiting to bid us goodbye. Won’t miss THAT!

By this point, everything that was not in storage was outside waiting for the charity trucks or being stowed in the trailer. The storage unit was full, thanks to two remarkably skilled real-life Tetris players:

All that was left was saying goodbye to our home. Sniff sniff. The children said goodbye to all the rooms and closets:

And all the nooks and crannies:

We made our final mark on the name wall:

And danced one last dance in the dining room:

One last glimpse. Nevada cried as we left, but you can still see our old home through its tears:

And that is what it looks like to trade in a home and a foundation for a music mission. 

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  1. mary hasche

    God is with you. when I viewed the pictures and read, I became emotional for you. But, like we all know, everything will work out!!!!
    Safe and happy travels, hope to see you soon!!
    Grandma Mary

    1. Thank you, Grandma Mary! 🙂

  2. Tammy

    My heart aches for you in leaving a place you loved, but also rejoices with you on this amazing journey God has set before you! Many prayers are said for you all. May God bless your ministry!

    1. Thank you for the prayers!

  3. Cheyenne

    God’s blessings to your family! Thank you for sharing your journey with us…y’all are an inspiration!

    1. Thank you, Cheyenne. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. dan hasche

    It’s all just “stuff”. Ever see that George Carlin skit on “stuff”? Great luck to you on your trip.

    1. It is just stuff. You got that right! And it takes over a person’s life. Happy to be rid of most…but miss the piano…and the ovens. We like music and food. 🙂

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