Utah is Utawesome!

That is a quote from our brother/uncle who is also utawesome in many ways, but he doesn’t have snowcapped mountains, so we’re going to get back to the Utah conversation.

We’ve been in Utah for a nearly a week. We sort of–no, we totally had our plans switched up due to the rather exciting spring blizzards that have been redecorating parts of the country and reminding people not to plant their gardens before the last frost date. So here we are, in Utah longer than expected.

We are big Utah fans.

It’s fun driving through Utah…when you’re not taking a music theory test.

Southern Utah is red–very red. We’re in northern Utah, and the change from the salt flats to the mountains along Route 80 is quite fun, if you’re into scenery changes, which we are.

Also, what is that?

I know–like a giant tennis ball collector, right? I dunno.

(Actually, it’s the Tennis Ball Tree, and you can read about it right here. Better yet, go see it for yourself on Route 80 across the Great Salt Lake Desert in northern Utah.)

We headed to Light of the Valley Lutheran Church in Layton, Utah, near Salt Lake City for an evening concert.

We ended up sticking around and attending worship services there. (Thank you for keeping us, Pastor Klein and Light of the Valley family!)

Let’s look at some more views!

Here’s our “exercise view.” An exercise view is the view you have while exercising. I’m glad we could straighten that up for ya.

Here’s our backyard.

Here’s our front yard.

That’s Ellie discussing the irony of eating sugar to make a sore throat feel better and how to sit like a lady, and Judah announcing that he sits like a man!

Here’s our backyard again because it’s totally worth it! Notice the horses? They come up to the barbed wire fence when you talk to them…and then they bite it. I dunno about that either.

We got sick in Utah, the kind of sick where only part of the family goes to church and an even smaller part makes it to the end of the service without throwing up in a garbage can in the fellowship hall. Yup–didn’t see that one coming.

So we did a lot of lying around, making puzzles, playing games, reading books, and watching The Twilight Zone and old movies (like Three Guys Named Mike {affiliate link} which is super fun with a young Howard Keel and Jane Wyman).


Aaaaaaannnnnndddd this happened, as usual, but wait!

Is that a new song in the making? I guess you’ll have to wait and see!

You know the storm that hit much of the country that kept us still for a while? We got the biggest snowflakes we have ever seen and two hailstorms, but all was well–it was merely entertaining. Unlike what some of the rest of you are experiencing.

“Has anyone seen spring?”

(Thanks Baye Family from Green Bay, Wisconsin, for the laugh!)

Bye Utah. Thanks for being Utawesome!

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