Walter and Joan

Sometimes in your life you come across some people that are simply amazing. There is no other way to describe them. Christy’s grandparents are two such people. In Livermore we met two wonderful people who completely reminded us of Grandma and Grandpa. Meet Walter and Joan.


Walter was born and raised in a vineyard in Livermore, California.


Joan is a Wisconsin girl who lived for a short time in California where she met Walter. She admitted that she asked him for a date, but he was older than she was, and both sets of parents thought it best not to pursue that relationship. After a time, Joan’s family moved back to Wisconsin. Years later they rediscovered each other at a reunion in California, and the rest, as “they” say, is romance history. They live where Walter was raised, in a beautiful, peaceful vineyard in Livermore, California..


Walter and Joan let us park our rig under some olive trees on their farm.



Their farm is a large vineyard from the early 1800s…


with grape vines as far as the eye can see…100_1718


and a winery in the back. The winery is run by Tom (on the left, chatting with Walter)…


and his wife Emily (between Joan and Walter…by our Emily).


We had plenty of room to run at the Detjen Farm!


We enjoyed the company of their handsome llamas, Pete and Mike.


They also showered us with lemons from their lemon tree…


and oranges…


from their 130-year-old orange tree.


After Steve’s concert at Christ Lutheran in Livermore, they took us out for ice cream at Frosties, an ice cream establishment that was a popular hangout when Walter was in high school.


You can’t imagine how nice it was to have the space and peace we enjoyed while staying at the Detjen vineyards. We felt rested and welcome there.


Wouldn’t you?


Thank you Walter and Joan! You are wonderful people and we could listen to your stories all day!


  1. Jonathon

    Wowsers, I want to know Walter and Joan. Celebrities!

  2. Teresa Bieger

    I just love that area and near Gilroy where the garlic farms are..
    Northern California is beautiful BUT I’m born n raised southern Calif
    So you gotta visit Santa Monica Ca. And the beach is paradise!

  3. Joan Detjens

    I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your pictures and comments about Walter and the pictures of the ranch.
    We enjoyed our visit with you and finding out what you’re doing and how much the children have grown
    We found out about your website after Walter passed away and a grandson found your pictures.
    In October of 2013 we moved to Wisconsin The ranch sold and it was time for a change Walter loved being here with my family and friends. Got to shovel snow for the first time On December 7, 2017 he passed away
    Its so nice to have your pictures which bring back so many happy memories
    Thank you Lots of love and prayers and happy experiences to all of you

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