What About Health Insurance?

Disclosure notice: This is not a sponsored post; I was not compensated in any way for writing this post. We have been members of Medishare for 15 years and are happy with them, so we share. A bonus is that we receive a referral bonus for everyone who signs up through our link

Health insurance: this is the obstacle we hear quite often as one of the big reasons people can’t or won’t hit the road. Many of them would need to be self-employed or work seasonal or transient jobs, and those simply don’t provide health insurance.

Tell me about it.

The program we use is a Christian medical expense sharing program called Christian Care Medishare. We have been members since 2003, so we’ve got a leeeeeetle bit of experience with Medishare.

How does Medishare work in the real world?

If/when something happens on the road, we seek out the nearest facility that provides care. Ideally, we like to stay within the Aurora system, simply because all our records are then in the same place. Of course, that’s not always possible. Sometimes we have to go to the nearest emergency room or urgent care center, just like you would do if you were in a strange town and, say, your teen fell off a swing onto a cement floor and cracked her head and started slurring her speech…hypothetically.

As far as Medishare is concerned, they are very flexible regarding where we take our kids (or ourselves). Each location we visit treats Medishare exactly like they would any other insurance program.

We pay a small fee per visit ($35 for office and urgent care visits, $135 for emergency room visits). Sometimes this is up front and sometimes billed.

The balance is sent to Medishare. They apply their Private Health Care System deduction which is sometimes incredible and sometimes not.

The balance is our responsibility until our annual deductible is met, and we are, of course, always free to negotiate lower payments or a payment plan. The deductible varies depending on which program you choose. For our family and the age of the oldest member, we determined that increasing to the $3500 deductible was the most cost-efficient. Your sweet spot may be different.

Some Medishare perks:

Medishare is amazing about pregnancy and adoption. Simply amazing! There are a couple unnecessaries you need to watch out for that Medishare might not pay, but overall, we’ve been super happy with the four babies we had through Medishare. That didn’t come out right, but you know what I mean. We would like the babies whether or not Medishare was involved. Grin.

Medishare has an Extra Blessings program through which members can freely help other members whose bills are ineligible for sharing.

Medishare offers a health incentive in the form of monthly discounts.

If you find alternative funding for Medishare’s portion of the bills, in some scenarios Medishare passes that benefit on to you. This happened to us in a huge way one year–don’t ask me how, because I don’t remember, but we paid almost nothing for our insurance for almost a year, which was really timely since that was when we were losing our business. He provides–Steve should write a song about that. Oh wait; he did.

There is a prayer system in place to take your needs and praises before the throne of God–how awesome is that? I will answer that rhetorical question–it’s very awesome.

Well-checks for children under five are covered.

If you refer someone else–say your mom–to Medishare and she signs up, you get a $100 referral fee. Isn’t that nice? That also means that if you use our referral link right here, we get a $100 referral fee and you’ve supported our music mission. Thank you very much!

Medishare has health plans, counselors, and other assistance in place to help you live your healthiest.

Members vote on new policies, so I vote on whether or not I want, say, mammograms or adoptions or chocolate cookie therapy covered.

If you are interested in opting out of the healthcare regulations President Obama passed, you will be happy to know that Medishare members are exempt from government health care requirements.

Medishare does not support abortion or other non-Biblical behaviors. That’s a relief!

Some Medishare cons:

There are a couple of things I don’t like about Medishare which I’m finding tend to be pretty normal across the board in talking to other people about their medical coverage.

They don’t cover routine physicals and procedures if you’re over five. But the good news is that if you go in for a routine colonoscopy and they find out you have Crohn’s disease, congratulations–the colonoscopy is covered. If on the other hand, everything is fine, congratulations–you still receive the adjustments. There was a recent member vote on this and other policies, so by the time you read this, it might be different.

Some states do not allow residents to join Medishare. Cough cough nanny states cough cough. Check the website.

While Medishare staff does a great job assisting members, and the paperwork is generally effortless, now and then something falls through the proverbial crack. Keep copies of your records just like you would for any other company.

While ideally I would like our family to have perfect health and miraculously avoid accidents and medical bills of all kind, we don’t live in Eden. Rats. Stinkin’ fruit. In an imperfect world, Christian Care Medishare is the best we have found, and we feel privileged to be able to assist our brothers and sisters in faith as they assist us.

Give it a look! And please take a moment to share online.


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