Where We’re From, Back “Home” in Las Vegas, and a Song for You {Video}

We are currently back in Las Vegas and we’ve got a video treat for you. But first, a few quick answers to a related question we get asked all the time.

Where are you from?

Brief history:

Stephen was born in Tuscon, Arizona, but since his father was in the United States Air Force (USA! USA!), he grew up all over the world, including many different states, the Philippines, Germany, and Hawaii (which I am aware is a state, but I’m separating it because it’s a cool place to live). His parents both grew up and retired in California, and his brothers, mother, and most of his nieces and nephews all live there, so he claims to be from California, even though he isn’t. I know–liar, liar, pants on fire.

Christy was born in Watertown, Wisconsin, but she was raised back home in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, in Door County on her great grandparents’ farm. She was the third generation to grow up there. So while Steve was gallivanting the world, Christy was running horses through fields and jumping waves with her dog and many brothers down the road in Lake Michigan.

Also born in Wisconsin:

  • Hannah Marisa (1997) in Kenosha
  • Marissa Renee (1998) in Kenosha

After this we moved to Nevada for Steve to become a real estate appraiser.

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, while we were living in either Las Vegas or Pahrump:

  • Elisabeth Grace (2000)
  • Emily Rose (2003)
  • Elijah Stephen (2005)
  • Rebecca Anne (2008)
  • Eliana Charis (2011)

In February of 2012 we began the music mission full-time. We had two babies while on the road:

  • Judah Ebenezer Robert (2015) in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
  • Lilyanne Melody (2018) in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

So, that said, we are members of Beautiful Savior Lutheran (Wisconsin Synod–a conservative branch of the Lutheran church which sticks strictly to what the Bible teaches) in Las Vegas.

So, where are we from? I dunno.

Did you get all that? 

Now, here is a video that Stephen and Marissa made yesterday as they reminisce a little bit about our home church. In the video they share a beautiful song called “The Most Beautiful Thing” which was first introduced at this church…and it’s beautiful. Also (spoiler) you can hear Marissa sing her third ever solo as about a 10-year-old. (The video “mispeaks.” This is her third solo. The first two were in our old building, which was the cafeteria of a school where our church met at the time. Yeah, I’m a stickler for details.)

If you enjoy our videos, let us know what you would like to see and we’ll work on getting those videos going. Same goes for blog posts–let us know what you want to read and we’ll try to make it happen. Also, you can find us in the following places if you want to follow us more often:

We love seeing familiar names of old friends, new friends we meet on the road, and people who become friends online, so say hey wherever you find us!


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