White Sands, New Mexico–Day 1

We were innocently driving our family and home into White Sands National Park through the missile test range, because that’s what you do in the wild west. Don’t worry, Mom–it’s safe. They have signs that say, “Road closed during missile testing.”



We got to watch several missiles launch. I don’t know where they landed, but it wasn’t on us. We hope it wasn’t on you, either.

You may recall from this post that White Sands, New Mexico, is one of our favorite hiking spots.

“Isn’t it just a bunch of big ol’ piles of sand?” you ask.

Yes, yes it is, and we love it.


It’s an incredible place to kick off your boots and just be.

Kick off your boots at White Sands!

This year we spent three days at White Sands. The first day we played.

We parked our house down there…


and parked our backsides up there.


We explored wherever we felt like exploring.


The beautiful thing about White Sands is that, while most National Parks threaten to remove your limbs if you step off the trail and onto, say, a blade of grass, White Sands basically says, “Good luck finding the trail.”


We drew sand shadows, which is just tracing a shadow into the sand.


It’s a little trickier than it looks if your subject is three, giggling, canine, or you yourself.


Let’s call it art class.

The little angels made sand angels.


And, of course, Elijah made an arsenal.


Jedi totally got into the arsenal idea.


He never did quite catch on that it was sand and kept chasing it. After all, the golden retriever motto is “If you throw it, I will fetch.”




Happy dog.

Best of all, of course, was the time spent together as a family…


making memories…


tying heartstrings


building sibling relationships…


loving each other…


and peacefully savoring God’s amazing Creation.


White Sands, we’ll be back tomorrow to leave our footprint on your beauty!



  1. Nancy

    and the totally col thing is, the winds blow and all traces of humans is washed away… I love White Sands! Glad you didn’t get bombed:)

  2. Tammy

    Looks amazing and just truly beautiful! God’s creation takes my breath away! Hugs to you all!

  3. Elijah

    Sadly Eliana destroyed my bombs somehow without any noise.

  4. Jim Newman

    Thanks for the great photos. It looks like you were able to upgrade your RV. I hope that is the case. We are looking forward to be able to assist with your needs.

    You have been blessed with a beautiful family and music talent. We always love to hear your songs played occasionally on the local radio station at 7:45 -8:00 AM. Forbes funeral home sponsors the 15 minute segment and the sources of music is rotated. They seem to play your music about every 5 or 6 weeks. We also have your CDs.



  5. Jim Newman

    I forgot to mention the 15 minute segment is just on Sundays.



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