White Sands, New Mexico

Visiting White Sands New Mexico with Kids

We’ve been to White Sands in New Mexico a few times before.

In the past we enjoyed the wonderful five-mile Alkali Flat Trail (which is not flat–it takes you to some flats, but you have to go over the not-flats, also known as really big dunes, to get there…and then you still have to hike back. Also, the five miles implies that you walk in a straight line–no rolling down hills or racing back up. Just so you know.)

We also took the Backcountry Camping Trail a couple times, which is a personal favorite of some of us. (It doesn’t have a bathroom–that is an unrelated thought, but you should know that. Bring a shovel. Ahem.)

You can read about those adventures here and here and here. You can also learn more about the trails from the National Park Service right here.

This year our adventure at White Sands came at the tail end of a nasty bug that incubated in our trailer. That meant that some of us had enough energy to do this:

and mostly felt like doing this:

Some of us had more energy and did a little hill climbing. Down was okay…

and the bottom was fun…

but climbing back up was a beast:

Then a kindly man gave us a couple of sleds, because it wasn’t worth selling them back, he claimed. Consider that your frugal White Sands tip—give your sleds away at the end of the day, because your heart will be fuller than your pockets would be if you sold them back.

Everyone gave the sleds a whirl!


While it wasn’t a “taste death, live life” experience, like sledding down a steep snow-covered hill/drop-off in below-zero temperatures while dodging rose bushes and diving off before hitting the barbed wire at the bottom, all the while being chased by Great Danes, which may or may not resemble Christy’s childhood, it was definitely fun!

That hill is Emily’s. No touchy.

We love White Sands!

Until next time!

Sorry, National Park Service, about the quantity of sand we accidentally heisted in our shoes, pockets, and unmentionables. You can have it back if you want.


  1. Julie Holleran

    Beautiful sites. Beautiful family. Praise the Lord.

  2. Michele

    What a wonderful experience. The beauty of our Lord’s creation is here and all other the world. It is a blessing to share with family and your music friends. Thank you

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