You Asked: What About Sports?

It’s amazing how many people think our kids are deprived because we travel full-time and they are not on a sports team. That’s okay–you can think that if you want to. We won’t judge you because your kids have only seen, say, 20 states. Wink wink.

In all seriousness, this is a huge issue to some families, and a big part of growing up in America, so let’s address this.

No, our kids are not on any sports teams. However, they do get to take part in the following:

Family sports: basketball, baseball, badminton, soccer, tennis, disc-golf, swing dancing–yes, really (okay, not Steve).

Church/school activities: they are frequently invited to join kids to play kickball, basketball, or soccer during phy ed or recess if we’re staying at a school. Sometimes pastor’s families or other kids will join us or invite us to join them in a soccer match or some other fun sporting event.

Individual sports: some people don’t consider this a sport necessarily, but our kids have hiked more than most adults. They also ride horses and bikes. Plus there’s always cup-stacking!

Camp: Three of our kids went to soccer camp because we were in one spot long enough for them to participate in the entire event. They learned enough skills that they will have plenty to practice if they want…but they haven’t. Instead they returned to Legos, ukulele, and monkey bars.

Aren’t they missing out on the team aspect?

We have to work together like a well-oiled machine more than any sports team. It’s necessary for survival in our home. They’ve got this one covered.

But what about their dreams of becoming a professional football player?

I’m sorry to be the one to break the delusion, but let’s suffer through a little math here:

How many kids want to become professional football players? A lot. A lottalot!

How many professional football positions are available? Not very many.

And because most of us here aren’t naturally gifted in the sports department, the odds are not in our favor.

Let’s compare that to, say, Elijah, who wants to be a chef and a pastor, not a soccer star. In our denomination, there are a lot of pastoral vacancies because of the extensive training required and because our church refuses to compromise doctrine for popularity. It will be a lot of work, but he has a better chance of making it there than in the football arena. Plus, he’ll have a longer career and not have people swatting him in the butt.

Ultimately, we are a musical, literary, hiking, science geek family. We like watching old musicals and the Green Bay Packers, not at the same time, although that would be entertaining. We enjoy playing baseball together and shooting some hoops. We are not, however, super competitive, unless you’re talking about beating the cousins at speed stacking or a death-defying game of spoons.

It’s just not us.

And that’s okay.


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