You Asked: Where Can We Hear You Sing or Buy Your CDs?

The purpose of our full-time travels, as most of you know, is not to take life to a new level of crazy. Rather, it’s for our Christian music mission. We travel from church to church, from event to event, sharing Stephen’s original music everywhere we go. Steve and Marissa sing, with some of the others participating at times.

We would love to see you come out to our events. Here’s the schedule:

Our Schedule:

If you can’t come out but would still like to hear Steve’s music, or if you would like to share the music with others, you can buy the Nashville-produced CDs at our store. Here’s the link to the store:

Our Store:

We live off of freewill offerings at our events and from CD sales and All proceeds support our music mission, except for a percentage that we redirect to support other Christian organizations that share our goals and Biblical beliefs.

Thank you for your interest and for supporting our mission!

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